New ICO Recommendation: Low Entry Cost, 50% Bonus! Potential 20x+ Profit

ICO Recommendation: Only $50 Minimum Investment! Potential 20x+ Profit

I’m developing a new love affair with this new ICO gold rush. With so many ICO products in the crypto world, it’s hard to pick the right one. However, there is a lot of money flocking to Initial Coin Offerings. I don’t recommend too many ICOs on TheBitClub. In fact, this is my second one.

After a successful run with the first recommendation (STQ), I feel compelled to follow up with another ICO i believe is going to be another hit. I like this ICO because the project is targeting a very popular & unique market with multi-$trillion dollar revenues yearly. Plus, the ICO is only going to 0.08 cents right now with 50% bonus on purchase and super low entry cost.

Action to take: Buy ICO. Tutorials Below
50% Bonus Pre-Sale Ends in: February 6, 2018
ICO goes to exchanges: March
Sell Zone: As soon it goes to exchanges

How to buy ICO step-by-Step tutorials

1. Signup for an account by clicking HERE

2. Click “Buy Tokens” button under the ticking clock or “Login” link on top right hand corner

3. Fill out profile, then check your email to verify your account (look for it on SPAM if not on inbox)

4. Login to your account after verification

5. Choose by clicking on payment method (they accept: Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Tether, Ethereum, Nem)

6. Use the calculator to see how many coins you get for the amount you want to spend

7. Enter coin quanlity and click “Buy Now”

8. You will then get the wallet number to send the cryptocurrency you chose.


Please contact me at if you need help setting up your offline wallet to fund this ICO. 


2018 will be the best year yet for cryptocurrencies and I'm going to help you position yourself now to profit. Hi, My name is Mathieu Louis, I started one of the first bitcoin blogs in 2010 and started investing in the virtual currency when only a few technology savy people knew about it and even knew what it was. I'm one of the individuals responsible for making bitcoin mainstream today. I mad a LOT of money on bitcoin, but I missed a few opportunities was well. I'm not beating myself up though because 2018 is going to be an epic year. Academically, I obtained a Master's Degree in Information Science from Florida State University in 2004. I also have a background in business. I worked for one of the fortune 500 corporations in Washington D.C. for about 4 years, then decided to start my own business. Since 2009 I've been a one-man wrecking crew. I have traveled the world (recently returned from an 18-country backpack excursion. I own many online businesses and I'm a thrill seeker.

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